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Pursuing her Passion: Holly Nicoll leans against a barn wall holding her camera.

I am excited to launch this website highlighting my photography over the past few years. Thank you to the people who have encouraged me to continue working on pursuing my passion of photography. Every time I pull the camera out, I learn more about how I can make the next shot better. It drives the perfectionist in me crazy….always thinking about the next really good photo opportunity.

Also, it seems fitting that my website is getting launched during the 2017 Calgary Stampede. This is a special time of year for Calgarians. Myself included as we celebrate our western heritage, and share with the general public many things about agriculture, rodeo and tradition. I am passionate about agriculture in Canada. Because of this, I hope that some of my photos share with you the beauty of this industry. It’s where our food comes from, and it’s important for everyone to understand it.

Therefore, I dedicate this first blog post and this website to my Mom, Shannon Burwash. She left this world suddenly over 4.5 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. I wish she was here to see this and sadly my dream was for her to help me create this website. She had a good eye for many things including horses. I am a very visual person, and confident that some of these skills and gifts came from her. Thanks Mom!

Therefore, my goal with this blog is to share some impactful photos with a story that you can relate to or learn from. Hence, the story is the foundation of the photo. Without it there is no substance. Please do not be afraid to share your thoughts or your experiences. Take a look at my gallery, and if you see something you love, let me know.

I am always looking for great photo opportunities. So, I would love to capture your story and your passion out on the ranch or farm. Reach out, and let’s connect.




  1. Betty Jones-Bliss

    Congratulations on this awesome website! I agree that it’s fitting that it was launched during the stampede. I know your mother would be so proud! And I so wish that she could have been involved. ‘Keith. and I love your photography. Because of the awesome calendars you have gifted us, will you see your photos every day. We’re excited to see your passion through your photographs. Wishing you all the success my friend! Betty?

    1. Holly Nicoll

      Thanks Betty for taking time to read this blog post and leave a comment. I am looking forward to preparing the 2018 Cowboys, Horses and Landscapes calendar. Stay tuned, and appreciate your support and friendship.


  2. Tammy Robertson

    So excited for you Holly as you showcase your talent for photography and story … loved seeing the beauty especially of the landscapes and the stories to help a “city girl” get it!! I have spent many days this summer hiking, biking and driving in the foothills and the sunsets and sunrises are spectacular … so inspiring to see your photos that capture the awe of this amazing topography and big country sky! Love what you are doing!!!

    1. Holly Nicoll


      Your words of wisdom, feedback, and resets along the way have helped me be a better photographer. Thank you for coaching me through life and business. You have had an immense impact on my journey, and there are not enough words to let you know how much I appreciate your perspective.


  3. Pat Edge

    Holly, just sitting here enjoying your photos. Congrats on launching your website. Wish you continuing success with it.

  4. Holly Nicoll

    Thanks Pat for taking time to look at the website! I’m glad that you are enjoying the photos, and looking forward to sharing many more going forward. See you soon!


  5. Martin & Jean

    Holly …..your site is amazing…as are you …..Shannon will be so proud of you….can’t choose any one ‘Life Frame’ as i love them all, especially the cowboy series…I’ll definately be purchasing some next time we hook up take care…ciao for now

    1. Holly Nicoll

      Martin & Jean,

      Thanks very much for taking a look at the website. Your feedback means a lot to me. I look forward to the next time we connect and see each other. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. Until then keep checking back for new images of our Alberta landscapes and western lifestyle. Ciao for now!


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