Morning Menu

Sunrise over a wheat field with sprayer tracks

This photo of a wheat field sunrise is proof that getting up early to take photos is very much worth it. Like everything, when you make the effort the results are captured. Waiting for the sun to rise, I drove down a back country gravel road. It had been hot and dry the day before, but this morning the land was foggy and wet.

The sun came out of the clouds and I found this beautiful wheat field. The crop was waiting for the sun, and the combines to sweep through, and gobble up the high quality wheat. There are sceneries like this that plaster the prairies in the early morning this time of the year, and I was proud to capture it. There was a peacefulness attributed to the landscape beyond the camera. It was a happiness moment to start the day! 

Morning menu was featured for September in my 2018 Cowboys, Horses and Landscapes calendar. As a result, this image has been enlarged for several stretched canvas prints. It looks amazing on the wall. 

Photo Details:

Trochu, Alberta


September, 2017


Farming , Landscapes

Sun rises over an old grain bin in a wheat field waiting to be harvested