Ranch Work

Ranch work with cowboy and horse

In order to get daily ranch work done easily, a successful cowboy needs to have an equally good partner. As a result, you cannot put a value on a trustworthy ranch horse.

Together, horse and rider combine their skills to produce amazing results without the need of pens or chutes to manage cattle on the open range. Tasks are executed intentionally with softness and patience. Because, it’s been done this way for decades. ‘Cowboy Partnership’ was taken on a ranch west of Calgary along the Jumping Pound Creek.

This cowboy and his horse, Jackson pull a calf behind them with a rope. The calf will be given its vaccines, and checked over before being let out to summer pastures. To learn more about ranch horses, check out my blog, Ranch Rodeo Ramblings and photos from southern Alberta.

The color tones in this photo are amazing. Thus, the detail in the gear and the saddle make it stand out when blown up on canvas, and hung on the wall. This photo is available as a 16″ x 24″ stretched canvas print. Contact me for details and pricing.

Photo Details:

Jumping Pound, Alberta


May, 2014


Cowboys , Horses

A close up photo of a cowboy and his horse pulling a calf in the branding pen.