Sun Kissed Canola

A canola field flowering with a sunset in the background.


This photo was taken one evening in July when yellow canola crops are in flower all over the country. Canola does not typically grow well west of Calgary because of the early frosts in the fall. The crop needs more heat units than other crops like oats and barley.

When canola flowers, there is nothing more beautiful than the yellow contrasting with blue skies and green landscapes. The view can make anyone stop to admire it for a few minutes.

On this particular night, the sun was setting behind the Canadian Rockies, and the clouds created a gorgeous setting for this moment to be photographed. It was the ending of another day inspired with hope from mother nature.

Photo Details:

Jumping Pound, Alberta


July, 2016


Farming , Landscapes

A flowering canola crop with the sun setting behind a gorgeous display of clouds