Barley and bins

malt barley field


Malt Barley Field, Smoke and Bins

This photograph of a malt barley field with the modern day grain bins in the background was taken when there was a lot of smoke in the air. The forest fires from the neighboring province of British Columbia helped create this image.

As a result, it made for interesting lighting as the sun was dropping. The day was ending. This beautiful malt barley crop waits for moisture to finish it off for the season. The bins in the background wait to be filled at harvest time. Malt barley must meet specific parameters in order to be accepted by maltsters. The grain from this field will eventually be used in making good tasting beer!

Photo Details:

Trochu, Alberta


July, 2017


Farming , Landscapes

A malt barley crop with modern day farm bins and the sun in a sky of forest fire smoke.