Irons in the Fire

A cowboy grabs a branding iron out of the fire for the next calf to brand.


A cowboy bends down to grab a couple of branding irons from a wood fire. The calves look onward in the background waiting their turn to be roped and brought to a crew of people who will execute their jobs given to them for that day. Branding time is always fun for those who show up to help, but stressful on the owner(s) of the cattle. They want everything to go smoothly without incident. This is always a challenge when working with cattle, and the environment.

Like the title of this photo, we all have many ‘irons in the fire’. This holds especially true for branding days. It’s one of the most important times in the production cycle on the ranch, and can be one of the most stressful. Maybe that’s why there’s a huge feast, and usually a few cool ones after the work is done.

Photo Details:

Innisfail, Alberta


June, 2017



A cowboy grabs a branding iron from the fire to brand the next calf.