Sunrise Start

A back country road winds down a hill as the sun rises.


This photo was taken one morning on my commute to work in the fall. I had been watching the sun rise each morning and could tell that this particular day was going to be brilliant. My camera was riding beside me in the passenger seat of the car ready to go. My thoughts quickly turned to where I was going to get the best shot at the right moment. I drove past someone stopped on the side of the highway who had also decided to stop, and capture the beauty that mother nature was painting for us.

So many times we don’t stop because we’ll be late for work or we need to get somewhere that we’ve committed to be. Today, what was there in front of me made me not care. This moment reminded me that sometimes its good to stop and appreciate the beauty that this country has to offer. I turned off the highway and headed down a backroad that I knew had a nice vantage point. It started to rain a little bit leaving some water on the pavement. It was a great start to the day, and I was grateful to capture it.

Photo Details:

Calgary, AB


September, 2016


Gallery , Landscapes

The sun rises just south of Calgary near Spruce Meadows.