Crop Watchers

Crop Watchers


This image called Crop Watchers was captured on a spring evening near Trochu, Alberta. Because I was waiting for a friend that was doing some field work, I had time to relax and look around at my surroundings.

I knew this area well. To the southwest was a hill that I’ve driven to the top of  many times. The view is incredible. As a result, you can see for miles from this vantage point.

This time my perspective was different. The lines from the previous harvest in the crop stubble drew me in the direction of the two grain bins sitting on the top of the hill. They looked very small compared to the rest of the landscape. And if they could talk, they could tell many stories.

This image was the featured photo for March in the 2021 Cowboys, Horses & Landscapes calendar.

Photo Details:

Trochu, Alberta


May, 2020


Farming , Landscapes

A pair of grain bins watch over a cereal stubble field waiting for spring seeding to begin.