Master of the Muskeg

A bull moose sits in pasture surrounded by fall colors.


It was November, the leaves had changed colour, and fall had arrived with cooler mornings and frosty nights. The moose love this area of muskeg where the water feeds many of the creeks that lead to the Bow River, and into Calgary. It is a quiet and isolated spot where wildlife can go about their business, and not be bothered by humans.

My husband and I came upon this bull moose by accident. We were following a cattle trail, when below us in the muskeg there he was with a younger male and about 4 cows. They were eating the fall leaves and basking in the last bit of light of the day. Luck was on our side, and we managed to get closer to the group because the wind was in the right direction that evening. They couldn’t hear us. Thankfully I was able to get this picture of him looking very stoic and handsome against the fall background. It’s an experience that I will always remember.

Photo Details:

Bragg Creek, Alberta


November, 2016



Bull moose posing amongst fall colors.