Brushy Ridge Sunset

A beautiful sunset west of Calgary with the Rocky Mountains in the background

A fall sunset cascades the skies and grasslands in the foothills west of Calgary


The other night I was getting supper ready after coming home from work, watching the scenery through the kitchen window. Because fall is always the best time to see great colours both in the morning and at night, this was no exception. The clouds were telling a tale along the ridge to the south of the house, and the sun was dancing with them.

 So, I stopped everything I was doing. Quickly I changed my focus to capturing what was quickly going to disappear behind the mountains if I didn’t hurry. As a result, I ran to the office, grabbed the camera bag and tripod. My husband didn’t even ask, he looked up from his iPad, and knew what was going on. Next, I ran down the road, my dog Sophie in hot pursuit. Supper had to wait, and that was okay!

Photo Details:

Jumping Pound, Alberta


October, 2017



A fall sunset cascades across the sky and grassland in the foothills west of Calgary