Brushy Ridge

Brushy Ridge, Hay Valley, Cochrane

This area is historically known as Brushy Ridge. It is situated south of Cochrane, Alberta. This photo was taken looking northwest into the ‘Hay Valley’. The Jumping Pound Creek flows through it. Before the land was broken up by plow, prairie wool grew well here. Ranchers depended on it as feed for their livestock during the winters. Tipi rings can still be spotted on the hills where aboriginal tribes would camp out. It was a great spot to see someone coming from miles away. 

Still, today round bales decorate the landscape. They are waiting to be picked up and stored for winter cattle feed. The rolling foothills and the Rocky Mountains show off in the background painting a beautiful picture of fall colors and beauty.


Photo Details:

Jumping Pound, Alberta


September, 2015


Farming , Landscapes

Autumn colors in the rolling foothills west of Calgary.