Barley and Grain Bins

Barley field with the warm evening sun

This is a photograph of a barley field was taken as the sun was setting. The bins beside this field wait to be filled with the grain at harvest later in the year. 

I’ve walked many fields in this area over the years, especially when I worked in sales for a crop protection company. I love the country that surrounds the small town of Trochu, Alberta. It has a special place in my heart, both the people and the land.

My good friend and I were driving around looking at all of the crops after seeding. Farmers were out spraying trying to manage the weeds that were also growing. There had been lots of moisture, so the crops were a little bit uneven, and a little yellowed in parts of the fields because of the moisture.


Photo Details:

Trochu, Alberta


June, 2017


Farming , Landscapes

The sun sets over a barley crop with the bins waiting to be filled.